MOUNDSVILLE, W. Va. (WTRF) The Community Mobile Medical Unit spent the day outside the Marshall County FRN, offering free and reduced price services to anyone who needs them.

The services include birth control, oral contraceptives, Depo shots, IUDs, implants, condoms, STD and HIV testing, pregnancy testing, PAP tests, breast and cervical cancer screenings, flu shots, Gardisil vaccine, infertility services and preconception health care.

Stacie Dei, executive director of the Marshall County FRN, said she is delighted to have the mobile medical unit come in once a month and provide much-needed services.

It will return on September 26, October 25, November 29 and December 12.

You can schedule a visit by calling (724)705-3195.

They also accept walk-ins.

It’s a service of Adagio Health and Cornerstone Care.