MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) — Do you know where your roller skates are?

You’re going to need them, because the Moundsville Roller Derby is opening up its floor once again.

Two Ohio Valley real estate investors remember the good times at the rink, and jumped at the chance to bring them back.

Nate and Marcy Harler are in the beginning stages of a complete remodeling.

They just started cleaning things out this week, and hope to have everything ready to open by next summer.

The outside is in good shape, but they have some big plans for the inside—including a disco ball and lights.

But the inside will be a complete renovation, I want to make it more modern but still try to hold onto the character of it. So I intend to keep the numbers in the corner, I found some old pictures of the roller derby that I’m going to incorporate somehow.

Marcy Harler, Renovating roller derby

And it won’t be all about the skating either.

They’re thinking about opening up a wall to have an arcade, and possibly use the spacious building as an event center.

They found plenty of skates and other assorted furniture and plan to have a sale, so watch for that if some of those wheels in the video caught your eye.