MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — How prepared are you and your community if a zombie outbreak were to occur?

That’s the question the CDC is asking during National Preparedness Month.

Does your community have enough homes with bunkers, available hunting gear and, of course, supermarkets?

Those are just some of the things to consider for the living in order to survive a battle with the undead.

Actually, the ultimate goal is to call attention to National Preparedness Month. It’s actually a serious time that focuses on the importance of being prepared for disasters and emergencies that could occur at any time.

” It’s kind of a neat campaign that they do use, very unique type of thing. Something you might see on television and the movies but they use that to try to prepare for emergencies and disasters.”

Tom Hart, Director, Marshall County Emergency Management

Hart says it is important to take National Preparedness Month seriously.

He suggests checking your insurance to make sure you have all the coverage you might need. That could include flood coverage among other things. He also says each family and business should have a solid plan of communication, in case a disaster would strike.