Opening statements have begun for a West Virginia firefighter who is being charged with wanton endangerment, strangulation, domestic battery, fleeing in a vehicle, and obstruction of an officer.

The prosecution and defense gave their opening statements for the trial of Garson Taylor.

The prosecution alleges Garson grabbed his wife Tayler’s (Tayler Taylor) phone out of her hands on April 10 when he thought she was talking to another man. Garson then allegedly pushed her several times and put a pillow on her face, and then ran away from officers.

Garson allegedly said to officers that he had enough firepower for everyone and held them in standoff for an hour.

The defense says that Tayler Taylor gave several different stories about what happened to law enforcement and that evidence will show she was not strangled.

They also say Garson was driving the speed limit and used turn signals when leading police on a chase.

It’s alleged by the defense that Garson never threatened officers and was only going to harm himself.

Officials say, Garson Taylor, 32, from Benwood allegedly led police on a chase that had officers doing “several laps” around the city of Benwood.

Police say Taylor held a pistol to his own head and negotiations lasted about an hour until one officer was able to quickly force the driver’s side door of his Dodge Ram truck open and pull him out.

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