Marshall County Schools’ teacher of the year and service personnel of the year awards have both gone to employees at John Marshall High School this year.

Jeffrey Coleman is service personnel of the year.

They say he’s always smiling, never angry or negative, and leads by example.

Gavin Hartle, teacher of the year, teaches engineering, Algebra II and is the robotics team coach.

They both are well-liked among students and staff members.

“It’s a pleasure to work here at John Marshall and to do everything we can to enhance the children’s education,” said Jeffrey Coleman. “There’s a lot to do in the maintenance department just in order to make sure the building’s open. And for somebody to recognize what I do, it’s just awesome.”

I’ve got so many kids who are very creative,” said Gavin Hartle. “They’re problem solvers. They’re interested in the course work. It makes my life easy as a teacher to come in and work with them and just to see the ideas they have.”

“This is the first time I can ever remember that both of these awards went to people at John Marshall High School,” said principal Cassie Porter. “Both Mr. Coleman and Mr. Hartle are very deserving. They work hard for the betterment of our students every single day.”