MARSHALL COUNTY, W. Va. (WTRF) — “Acceptance” was the subject of Wednesday’s Partners In Prevention program at Moundsville Middle School.

Ron Scott told the students there is acceptance of ourselves, of others and of circumstances.

“How many of you know one person who, when one thing goes wrong, it ruins their whole day?” said Scott, cultural diversity and community outreach director at the Wheeling YWCA. “How many of you are that person? See, that just means you have to work harder on how you handle adversity. Because we’re all going to have it at times.”

He cautioned students not to speak before thinking because, in his words, “first thoughts are not always the best thoughts.”

Through stories from his own life, he urged them to think of things from the other person’s perspective.

“If we want to meet people where they’re at, be the better person, better human being, more accepting, you’ve got to learn to meet folks where they’re at,” Scott said.

He urged them not to jump to conclusions and make a bad situation worse.

He told them to stop and learn more about the situation before reacting.

“It’s real easy to have a knee jerk reaction and just jump in and say something,” said Scott. “But if you wait and try to learn as much as you can, I guarantee you’re going to affect that situation positively rather than negatively.”

Partners In Prevention is a program they plan to continue year after year.

Other topics they’ll tackle include substance abuse, making smart choices and bystander intervention.