If your child is six months of age or more, you can get them vaccinated against COVID at the Marshall County Health Department.

Monday morning they had four toddlers come in for their vaccinations.

Two of them—Evie and Rosie Lasure, ages 2 and 1—got vaccinated with hardly a whimper.

Their father, a physician and educator, says it’s important to get children vaccinated against COVID.

“It’s something we should really just consider part of routine vaccinations for all of your kids,” said Dr. Ben Lasure, medical director at WVU Medicine Wetzel County Hospital and WVU Medicine Reynolds’ Emergency Room. “It’s something the CDC recommends. It’s something they have tested extensively and quite frankly it’s the most comprehensive and thorough safety testing of any vaccine that’s ever come out.”

“I am so excited that the girls are vaccinated with their first vaccine,” said Jo Ann Dobbs, RN at the Marshall County Health Department and the girls’ grandmother. “It was a goal of mine, whenever we started with COVID vaccines at the vaccine clinics, so now that Evie and Rosie are both vaccinated, I am so relieved.”

The Marshall County Health Department is offering children’s vaccinations every weekday, 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m., with no need for an appointment.

They have Moderna and Pfizer.

For the youngest age group, Moderna involves two shots, four to eight weeks apart.

Pfizer is three hots, three to eight weeks apart.

Evie and Rosie’s parents say the girls are always good about their vaccinations, especially when they get a treat from Quality Bakery afterward!