MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) — Parents in Moundsville were concerned after a candy bar trended on social media Monday night showing what looked like suspicious “needle marks” in the chocolate.  

But after the candy was turned in and inspected by the Moundsville Police Department, the chief wants trick-or-treaters to know it was a false alarm! 

In fact, he says for the past 38 years he has been patrolling, some form of suspect candy is brought in every Halloween. 

He says the life of a candy bar can be rough and this is many times the case.

So, what should parents watch out for?

“What I would do is I would visually examine it (the wrapper). And then I would apply a little pressure to it to see if there are any breaks in the packaging. So, if you squeeze on one end of it, if air comes out of it.” 

Chief Tom Mitchell, Moundsville Police

Chief Mitchell says when in doubt, throw it out. 

He says in his 38 years patrolling Halloween, he has yet to see a piece of candy that has actually been tampered with. But it is always good to check.