GLEN DALE, W.Va. (WTRF) — A Glen Dale woman is alive after a person allegedly attacked her and stole property.

Glen Dale Police Chief Ed Vogler tells 7NEWS that his crews responded to an EMS call on November 9 at the Crestfield Manor apartments.

There, he said they found a woman unconscious on the floor, but breathing, with “twine nearby.”

Police reason this to be because she knits. Chief Vogler says the victim did not have marks around her neck to indicate strangulation by yarn.

Since the incident on November 9, the Chief says the woman is alive and back at her residence.

He says she does not recall what happened.

A couple of items were stolen from the apartment, including a computer and checkbook.

And now a week after the incident, Chief Vogler says they still do not have a suspect.

The case remains under investigation.