Marshall County,W.Va. (WTRF) — Who do you trust to bring in the jobs and fix infrastructure? 

New on the ballot for commissioner is retired contractor, toolmaker, mechanic and welder: Scott Wolfe. Wolfe hopes to swipe the seat held for the past six years by former sheriff, now incumbent, John Gruzinskas. 

Known by many as “Big John,” while commissioner, he has completed the Veterans Plaza, updated fire hydrants, funded hand-held radios for all police departments. Now continuing on his mission to keep building the new health department, ambulance stations and upgrading the courthouse. 

But speaking of the courthouse, Scott Wolfe is ready rebuild more than just the façade.

“I’m here for the citizens of Marshall County and their concerns voiced to me about what’s going on down in the courthouse.”

“Talking to the many, many coworkers I’ve had, we’ve all struggled one way or another.” Adding, “And it is time for a change within the county.” 

Scott Wolfe, (R) Marshall County Commission

“Big John” says his work isn’t the fanciest, but like the Mozart Water Project, is necessary. 

“I’ve always had a great need to try and make things better for people. And if someone were to say, ‘That’s wrong’ or ‘I’m not treated properly,’ it would just energize me to try and help them to solve their problems.” 

John Gruzinskas, (D) Incumbent Marshall County Commission

Both names will be on the ballot this November.