MARTINS FERRY, OHIO – WTRF – UPDATE 4:59: A large fire broke out behind the Kroger in Martins Ferry Wednesday afternoon, which led to the immediate evacuation of employees and customers.  

Flames started and remained on the outside of the building a little after 12 p.m.  

Officials confirmed all Martins Ferry Fire Departments, an EMS crew and police were on scene.  

Responding firefighters say it took about two minutes to extinguish the fire.  

The store was temporarily closed after the fire was put out.  

Officials say the structure of the building was not damaged, and the store re-opened within the hour.  

“The fire here was typically on the outside. There was nothing involved with the structure itself. The structure is completely safe and sound. Some of the flames and everything made soot go into the side of the building, but the flames itself never did touch the building.”

Taylor Fogle | Captain, Martins Ferry Ladder Company

The cause of the fire is not known at this time.

Fogle says there is a surveillance camera above the area where the fire started, and an investigation will determine what happened. No injuries were reported.

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UPDATE 1:03 PM: Kroger is back open to the public


UPDATE 12:54: Officials say the flames of the fire reached the Kroger building but the structure Is safe.

Officials also do not know what caused the fire at this time.

No one was injured during the fire, according to officials.

Fire Departments on the scene say it took about two minutes to put out the fire.

Officials say Kroger is going to do their own investigation on what led to the fire.


**Update 12:30 PM ** The fire has been extinguished, Kroger will remain closed until further notice.


MARTINS FERRY, Ohio — Reports have confirmed that a fire has broken out at the Kroger in Martins Ferry, Ohio shortly after noon on May 17.

The fire, which is under control according to officials, is located in the back of the building.

A passing motorist was able to provide a video of the fire.

7News is on the way to the scene. Local fire departments are on the scene.

The building has been evacuated and the Kroger store is closed at this time.

Stay tuned to 7New for further updates.