Back in April of 2022, news over high radiation levels found near a facility in Martins Ferry struck heated debate and it was addressed at Wednesday night’s Martins Ferry council meeting. 

Last year, an Ohio Valley group, Concerned Ohio River Residents, said they took soil samples with the help of a scientific consultant that revealed radiation levels over 10 times higher than background levels. 

“It’s a lie.” Mayor reacts to claims of high levels of radiation found in soil near Martins Ferry’s drinking water

Austin Master Services, an environmental services firm specializing in radioactive waste remediation, has announced that the results actually show no concern for the local water aquifer. 

Mayor John Davies wants to reiterate that these allegations are completely false. 

At Wednesday’s council meeting they passed the motion to take $11,455.36 from the water bill to hire an attorney concerning the situation. 

”Well, we hired the environmental attorney to make sure what we’re doing is exactly right and the steps that we are taking are exactly right. We spent $12,000 in taxpayers’ money just to say, ‘Hey look,’ what we already knew – our water is safe.”

John Davies – Mayor, Martins Ferry

Austin Master Servies says they will continue to conduct groundwater monitoring sampling and release those results when they become available.