MARTINS FERRY, OHIO (WTRF) — A water main break that left many in the City of Martins Ferry without water for much of Sunday evening and throughout some of Monday has now been repaired.

The break occurred on a 20 inch main water line near the old Wheeling Steel Plant on North First Street in Martins Ferry. 

Water service was lost to just about all of the residents in the city.

Crews worked through Sunday night into Monday morning to repair the line.

A 48-hour boil order for the city is in place since officials say that the line has been repaired and the water supply has been restored, but crews are still working on recharging many of the lines within the city.  

”They’re going around, they’re purging the air from the lines, slowly recharging the lines with the pressurizing the lines slowly so there’s no secondary breaks. And they do that by opening the fire hydrants to push the air out and start flowing water through there.”

Jack Regis – Martins Ferry Safety Director

If residents need water for drinking or cooking they can bring their own containers to the ladder station on South Fourth Street across from Unified Bank in Martins Ferry.

Officials say that if you are unable to get to the ladder station you can call the Martins Ferry Police Department and they will do their best to make arrangements to get you the water you need.