MCMECHEN, W.Va. (WTRF) – The city between two hills experiences major flooding when storms occur.

The large amount of rain that we have experienced in the area in such a short amount of time is leaving many residents in McMechen with flooded basements and blocked roadways.

Crew members said some of the main issues going on are because of high waterways and drains that are not properly taking in water.

Many people are experiencing flooding of their lower levels of their homes, in which crew members are able to provide sandbags as a resource.

The system in McMechen is a combined system, with both the sanitary and storm sewers.

Superintendent of the McMechen Municipal Water Department, Josh Whitecotton, says that this is an outdated system, but there is help on the way.

We have 21st and 22nd, the Army Corp of Engineers, the state is going to be involved. We’re waiting for their plans, their designs, whatever they are going to do. We don’t want you to feel stuck. Just sit tight and, you know, the ball is rolling. It’s rolling as fast as we can make it roll. So, whenever we get the okay and the plans, we’re going to make something happen.

Josh Whitecotton, Superintendent, McMechen Municipal Water Department

Along with the flooding on 21st and 22nd Streets, there was a recent issue on 10th Street that an engineer has been sent out to work on.

Anyone in need of assistance can contact the McMechen Municipal Water Department for sandbags and other resources to help mediate any issues.