McMECHEN, W. VA. (WTRF) — Tammy Harvey was speeding on Route 2, rushing her son to the hospital.

The 13-year-old told her he couldn’t swallow and was having trouble breathing after taking a new prescription medication.

When a police cruiser pulled her over, she thought she’d get a speeding ticket.

But instead, the police chief gave them an emergency escort to the hospital.

On Tuesday, the grateful family presented a gift to McMechen Police Chief Robert Shilling.

It all started on Saturday, Nov. 5, when Ryder had a severe allergic reaction.

“I pulled over briefly and he (Chief Shilling) saw what was going on,” Tammy Harvey recalled. “That’s when he took charge and escorted us to the hospital and got us there safely. He even called ahead and was definitely on point.”

“I advised her that I’d escort her to the hospital,” said Chief Shilling. “I got in front of her with my lights and siren on, and I contacted dispatch to contact Reynolds (WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital) to let them know that we were coming in, and that the child needed immediate attention.”

“I got him a present,” said Ryder. “He was super nice to my mom and me, and he saved my life.”

Chief Shilling had been an EMT for 11 years before going into law enforcement.

He said he recognized the symptoms of anaphylactic shock.

Shilling took the job as police chief less than two months ago.