Mingo Junction Police officers are taking a hard stance on crime.

After a months long investigation, officers got criminals off the streets and made sure kids were safe.

Numerous complaints from citizens came in about the concern of a house on Lockhart Ave.

They said there was heavy foot traffic and vehicles were in and out of the house at all hours.

After months of investigating…Police were able to do something about it.

Sunday August 7th around 9:30 PM Mingo Junction Police Officers executed a search warrant looking for illegal drugs at 307 Lockhart Ave.

“Upon entering the residence there were several kids the amount of eight children inside the residence along with a woman who was later arrested. There was drugs that was seized from a residence along with the firearms another and other items used to prepare And sell drugs.”

Chief Willie McKenzie III – Mingo Junction Police Department

Police say Britney Alvis was arrested for pending charges of child endangerment.

Police are still looking for Eulis “Punchy” Curenton.

Police say he has a warrant out for his arrest on charges of drug trafficking, having a firearm while under disability and child endangering.

Chief McKenzie said it has been 15 years since the department was able to do their own drug investigation and executed a warrant by themselves.

“It means a lot you know being a young Chief. It just shows that our department is very proactive you know just being a small department and taking a lot of time to do investigations and to make sure that we get these guys off the streets.”

Chief Willie McKenzie III – Mingo Junction Police Department

He says when he became chief in 2020 they had five officers, a short time after he started he had a few guys resign, and at one time the were down to two guys.

“We were working a whole bunch of hours you know trying to make sure that the village was covered and that the residents were safe. We are now back up to four officers right now. It just feels real good to you know. No matter what adversities we faced, we still stayed focused and get the job done.”

Chief Willie McKenzie III – Mingo Junction Police Department

Chief McKenzie says if you see something to please call 911 and report it.

Britney Alvis is expected to have a preliminary hearing on Monday August 15.
All 8 children are safe and were turned over to family members.