Pittsburgh, P.a. (WTRF)- The Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, another way to celebrate the life and legacy of Fred Rogers.

The Fred Rogers exhibit lets Visitors see some of their favorite pieces from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood like the original living room set, the Great Oak Tree, King Friday’s Castle and some of the original puppets.

One of the most iconic artifacts that people can come and see include the famous sweaters. Sweaters that were originally knitted by Nancy McFeely Rogers is better known as Mister Rogers’ Mom.

He would always wear a sweater that his mother knit him. Every Christmas she would knit him a sweater, so he had all of these sweaters from his mother.

Emily Ruby | Curator, Heinz History Center

Another famous clothing item from the show is, of course, tennis shoes. The tennis shoes weren’t just worn for comfort, there was some practicality that came with switching from loafers to sneakers.

It was beyond just the comfort and the ritual. It was also just a practical shoe to wear because he’s behind the scenes a lot in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe operating the puppets and he needs to not make any sound with his feet. So that’s why he wore the tennis shoes.

Emily Ruby | Curator, Heinz History Center

Ironically enough, the man that blessed so many TV screens actually disliked television and the concepts of most children’s tv shows.

The reason he got into television is because he hated it so much and what he saw that was out there for children.

Emily Ruby | Curator, Heinz History Center

When Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood debuted, it was a tense time in American History, a time where spreading kindness was important. The same could be said about today, meaning there’s no better time for a mister rogers resurgence.

I think he’s been kind of rediscovered because there is this need and this desire for the kind of kindness that he displayed.

Emily Ruby | Curator, Heinz History Center

“A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood” comes out on November 22nd and the next, and final, stop we’ll be making is Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Mister Rogers’ home town and the home of the Fred Rogers Center.