CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — On Inside West Virginia Politics, Karan Ireland of the Sierra Club is opposed to keeping Mitchell Power Plant open past 2028. “I want to see an economic solution for West Virginia repairs and a transition plan for those workers,” said Ireland. “We see that solar jobs are growing across the country and have been over the last years. What better time than to put these communities first. To pay attention to their needs and to make a plan. Real leadership is not promising with these jobs. They’ve been going away.”

One of the most iconic West Virginia businesses, Dickinson Salt Works, in Eastern Kanawha County is now 100% using solar energy. “It’s good for business,” said Ireland. “Solar and renewables, there’s so many reasons to go solar, the most popular is because it saves bills. Renewable energy is here, it’s affordable, it’s the way of the future, and, you know, this could be a time — a win-win for everyone.”