OHIO (WTRF) – The turkey has long been the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast and those of you who bought the bird to cook this year know the cost has gone up. That’s because raising turkeys is costing farmers more. 

The American Farm Bureau says prices have gone up 20%. 

Costs of feed, fuel and labor that have impacted other industries are also hampering turkey farmers. 

Farmers like the Menchhofers in Ohio said there’s been another issue, and that’s been bird flu. 

At this point bio-security has been our biggest forefront, you know, making sure we keep the outside out, the inside in. We do all our own service work as long as we’re able to. That way we don’t have to worry about other people dragging in the disease.

Eric and Curt Menchhofer, Menchhofer Farms

The American Farm Bureau explained that because of the bird flu, more than seven million turkeys had to be taken out of the population to keep the disease from spreading. However, farmers say turkey is still safe to eat this year. 

As far as rising costs go, data shows dinner all together is about $10 more expensive this year.