MONROE COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) Pictures are circulating on social media of what appears to be mold on cafeteria food reportedly served at Monroe Central High School in Woodsfield.

The food service is operated out of Swiss Hills Career Center.

In one picture, grapes have what appears to be mold on them.

In another picture, a piece of broccoli appears to be old and going to seed.

And in another, the bottom of a plastic food container appears to have moldy areas.

The nutrition and food service supervisor for the school district, Sami Stimpert, responded to the issue.

“As far as I can tell, there was some mold on the grapes,” she said. “We are totally looking into the situation.  We will make whatever changes that need to be made to prevent that from happening in the future. How it happened, I can’t explain yet. We have a pretty good idea and we’re going to do whatever it takes to change it.”

“I just know that this will never happen again,” she concluded.

We asked about reports that a student who pointed out the problem was given cafeteria suspension.

Stimpert said she had not heard that.