Senator Portman visits Monroe County power plant facility

Monroe County

HANNIBAL, OHIO (WTRF) Friday, U.S. Senator Rob Portman took a tour Friday of Ohio’s Long Ridge Energy Terminal in Hannibal. With the terminal beginning operation just in June, Senator Portman wanted to see it firsthand.  

Long Ridge’s new natural gas power plant is one of the most efficient power plants in the world.   

Senator Portman walked the property to take a closer look and spoke with Plant Manager, Chris Bates about the newly installed equipment.   

Sen. Rob Portman and Plant Manager, Chris Bates

The previous aluminum plant in the area shut down around a decade ago and due to its closing, a lot of jobs were lost. Senator Portman says this is bringing some of those jobs back.   

They have a lot going on here, it’s a great development, it’s creating a bunch of jobs and I the future it could create a lot more jobs because there are some industries like call centers, crypto currency things like that that require a lot of energy that may well be attracted to this area because they’re providing such reliable, inexpensive energy through hydrogen and natural gas.

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R) Ohio  

Senator Portman says within a few months they plan to blend hydrogen into this new gas, and he wanted to better understand the process.  

Sen. Rob Portman and Plant Manager, Chris Bates

Hydrogen is something a lot of people are looking at it because it doesn’t have any emissions, the emissions are water so there is no CO2 and no environmental issues at all. So, it’s pretty exciting that here in Ohio, along the Ohio River we could be the center of what’s going on in terms of the new technology on using hydrogen.

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R) Ohio

He says these industries are looking for cheap and reliable energy and that is what they have at Long Ridge Energy Terminal. 

He says in the future it would make sense for industries like that to come back to Ohio because it is going to have low-cost energy once again.  

Senator Portman was involved in putting together the infrastructure bill that passed the House and Senate a few months ago. He says that legislation is important because it provides funding for sites like Long Ridge and this specific plant is going to benefit the infrastructure legislation.

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