MONROE COUNTY, OH (WTRF)-Dangerous intersections in the village of Woodsfield are currently under construction for parking and pedestrian improvements.

It’s part of the Safety Improvement Project.

The changes are redesigning parts of the square in Woodsfield. It won’t only give it a new look, but will also make it safer.

ODOT says a big part of the project involves reworking parking options. There have been 24 reported crashes from 2015 to 2019 mostly from drivers backing out of parking spaces into oncoming traffic. Along with parking, the traffic signals are being upgraded as well, so they can better detect the flow of traffic.

The plan also involves shortening the islands, improving pedestrian walkways, and adding some vegetation.

“Aesthetically, It’s gonna be an improvement. Certainly, in terms of safety, it’s going to be an improvement as far as trucks making those turns more safely and as far as the parking being changed.”

Ashley Rittenhouse,  Public Information Officer for ODOT District 10

ODOT reminds everyone to be aware of lane closures and workers on the road and asks for patience during this time.

The project is slated to be completed in June of next year, but most of the project will already be done by winter.