They were packing the drive-through and the line stretched through the parking lot and even the entrance to the parking lot.

Hundreds of people turned out, and everyone seemed patient and eager.

“Anytime we open a new business in Moundsville, it’s exciting,” said Rick Healy, Moundsville city manager. “We’re proud to welcome any new businesses. But I will say this one has drawn an amazing amount of attention.”

“Give us a couple weeks for the hype to die down and It’ll be just like a normal day, normal lines,” said Ashley Nelson, general manager. “I think everybody is just so happy that Dunkin’ is here in Moundsville that they just couldn’t contain themselves!”

“I’ve been waiting for this day since the fall when I first saw the sign come up,” said Aaron Jeffries of Moundsville. “So I’m super excited. My wife and I love Dunkin.’ And we’re going to be frequenting here very often.”