MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) — What if paying your bills was as easy as pulling up to a window like at a bank?

That’s the vision Moundsville officials have for their new city building, which by next summer will gather the city’s public services under the same roof.

The $11 million building will act as a city hall and hold the fire and police department headquarters.

With three stories and 26,000 square feet, there’s enough room to keep all of Moundsville’s essential functions together and on the same page.

But it won’t be city officials who benefit the most.

“For the citizens, it will make it easier in that you have one location now where they need to come. One location for paying your bill, your water bill, all your city bills. One location to get a burn permit. One location to get a police report. And it’ll all be here in one building.”

Rick Healy, Moundsville City Manager

As for the current city building, it will be demolished to create the new structure’s parking lot.

Healy appreciates residents’ patience in the lack of parking during construction.