MARSHALL COUNTY, W. Va. (WTRF) – The Moundsville Country Club is about to close its doors.

Like many others in this area and around the country, it is facing dwindling membership and financial hard times.

Now the Regional Economic Development Authority (RED) wants to buy the property for industrial development.

There are two factions in the decision; those who want to accept the offer and those who want to try to save the club.

They all admit that people aren’t joining country clubs much these days.

Country clubs, social clubs, the Elks, the Moose, the VFWs of the world, they’re all closing all across the country. Country clubs especially with a golf course; a golf course is extremely expensive to maintain and unfortunately there’s been a declining interest in golf.

Jonathan Turak, Gold Khourey & Turak

The Moundsville Country Club, in existence for 81 years, is no longer able to meet its debt obligations.

This is the midnight hour. They’ve done everything they can to keep this club operating with bailing wire and chewing gum.

Jonathan Turak, Gold Khourey & Turak

The thought of selling the property to RED for an industrial park is heartbreaking to neighboring homeowners.

We have hundreds of thousands of dollars in our properties. Now if you live in the real world, stop and think about this—the depreciation of our properties!

Wanda DeTemple, Neighboring Homeowner and Stockholder

Members say there are many other sites available, and that RED wouldn’t need this one.

You could go down to where Mitchell and Kammer were and you can go up the river where the plants were, up here I’m sure.

Jack Zukoff, Supports Saving the Moundsville Country Club

Some say it could have a future as a public entity and a tourism draw.

We could become a community partner with Grand View Park, the Strand Theater, Cockayne House, the area motels.

George Jones, Stockholder.

I think, with the right people in the right positions, they could bring this back.

Wanda DeTemple, Neighboring Homeowner and Stockholder

Now if the judge rules and the stockholders vote yes, it will close and be sold.

What a shame. And it’s such a beautiful place. It’s one of the top five courses in the State of West Virginia.

Jack Zukoff, Supports Saving the Moundsville Country Club

The board president believes an industrial park will create jobs.

The property will be developed thoughtfully, it’ll be developed professionally with consideration to neighbors.

Dave Buzzard, President, Moundsville Country Club Board

They say it’s a sad but realistic sign of the times.

It just seems to be more of the same in our valley. Once so vibrant and full of life, it’s just sort of going away and it’s really really hard.

Jonathan Turak, Gold Khourey & Turak

Those who want to keep it open say the clubhouse can seat 200 people for weddings and other events.

There is a hearing set for November 18.

Depending on the outcome, the sale could be put to a vote of the stockholders by the end of the year.