MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) —  On Monday evening around 6 p.m., there were some very tense moments for firefighters responding to a house fire in Moundsville.

Moundsville Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief Pancho Flores said he was at the fire station when a man came over to the firehouse to alert him that his house located just next door was on fire.

Both the fire station and man’s home are located on 1st Street and are just ten feet from each other.

Assistant Fire Chief Flores says he immediately called the Glen Dale VFD for backup.

When he got to the house, Flores says he noticed some smoke coming out from the second floor.

Due to the close proximity of the fire station to the house, he says they were able to quickly locate the fire and extingush the blaze.

7News caught up with the assistant fire chief, who was visibly overwhelmed with emotion, about both the firefighters and the family who were fortunately not injured.

When you have good guys or personnel it makes my job easier. They’re going away from their families. They’re volunteering their time. They’re going away from their families and it is stressful. We want to make sure they all get home safely. No matter what fire service you’re in. It doesn’t matter. We just want them to get home safely. That’s what it’s all about and we want to get the people out of the house and we want to make sure we protect those lives and property.

Asst. Fire Chief Pancho Flores, Moundsville VFD

Flores says three people and two dogs all got out safely.

There are still no details at this time on how the fire started.

Officials are investigating.