MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) — A Morgantown woman remains missing after leaving Moundsville Police’s custody Friday afternoon. 

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It has raised a lot of concerns about how this happened and Moundsville’s Chief of Police is ready to respond as they continue their search. Chief Tom Mitchell tells 7NEWS that she was of sound mind when he saw her to her car, but not when she initially ran into them. 

A lady was sleeping in a car, parked at a gas station. Officers went to check on her. Upon evaluating her, they called the Emergency Medical Services to come and assess her. 

She was not very responsive. They believed possibly she had been drinking.

Chief Tom Mitchell, Moundsville Police

They arrested Elizabeth Randolph, 64, and took her to the Regional Jail. There she was assessed by a nurse and released the next day. 

And I actually, personally spoke with her. It’s hard to assess somebody’s functionality but there’s a few questions that you ask. I asked her those questions and she knew the answers to them. 

We were trying to contact people from Morgantown, where she was from, and were unsuccessful. But we left messages.

Chief Tom Mitchell, Moundsville Police

She bought a pop with her credit card and then climbed into her car and drove away. 

It was only after this that Chief Mitchell says family members then finally called back his office. Since that moment, the Police Department filed Randolph as a missing person with the National Crime Information Center in hopes of finding her safe. 

However, it does bring a call to awareness. The chief asks if you have an older person in your life, that you have a sound way to get in contact with them. 

It’s a really high bar when we start talking mental hygiene and taking people into custody. Because people have rights.

Chief Tom Mitchell, Moundsville Police

Chief Mitchell says his department sees people all the time with unknown backgrounds. He has even once given gas money to a traveler to help them get to their next destination. 

But for Randolph’s case, Police are tracking her card and E-ZPass. And the Moundsville Police are not giving up. 

So, if you’ve seen a 2003 Blue Subaru Legacy with a West Virginia plate, you’re urged to call Moundsville Police at 304-845-1611.

The Morgantown Police Department is also involved in the search.