Kaleb Miller, 15, of Moundsville, has been a Boy Scout since he was 10.

Now he’s hoping to become an Eagle Scout.

The project he’s proposing would involve building shelving units for an organization that helps people in need—the Shepherd’s Pantry.

They provide food, clothing and bedding to the needy, and even give tents to the homeless.

But their storage room could use a little organizing.

“It’s going to keep things a little bit neater so we can find things because right now they’re kind of piled up and we just don’t know where everything is,” said Patty Holden, Shepherd’s Pantry director. “This will help people volunteer up here. We’re all volunteers. None of us are paid staff. And that will help them put things where they need to be so that when somebody comes up and needs something, they’ll know exactly where to get it.”

“They give out things to the homeless,” noted Kaleb. “And just to everyone who needs it. They give out food, hygiene products, all sorts of stuff.”

Kaleb also does other service projects.

On Tuesday, he helped the Feeding Body And Soul Soup Kitchen by asking the Moundsville KFC to provide lunch, and they delivered 150 lunches to the soup kitchen.

Kaleb and his brothers Christian and Corbin helped serve the meals.