NEW MARTINSVILLE W.Va. — (WTRF) Do you like a good mystery or thriller? How about one based in your hometown? A young local author has just released her first book. It’s called “The Pen Pal” and it’s based in small-town New Martinsville, West Virginia.  

Storm Young, Author

The author, Storm Young, says she moved to New Martinsville while in high school and the sense of community inspired her to incorporate it in her first novel.  

Young says the main character reflects some of her own characteristics and experiences. She says she wanted the characters to be relatable but had to add some unexpected twists and turns along the way. 

I decided to write what I knew so, I’m a military wife, I was a new mother, and I know what It’s like to go through postpartum depression and be alone. So, I was like, this is a perfect friendship-based story line that I really don’t see a lot. 

The story follows the character Shiloh Ray who is from Alaska, and she meets a woman named Penelope from New Martinsville, and they become pen pals and they talk for the longest time, until one day, the letters from Penelope just stop.

Storm Young, Author
The Pen Pal by Storm Young

Young says if you’re familiar with the New Martinsville area, you might even recognize places she references in the book. 

Her novel is currently ranked in the top 100 new releases in its category on Amazon. 

Young says she’s already working on her next book so, keep an eye out for that as well.