Wellspring Family Services in New Martinsville has been offering trauma-informed counseling for decades.

They have now moved to a new location, at 754 3rd Street, just across the street from their former site.

As they reopened, they emphasized their mission—helping children, adults and their families.

They want to normalize the idea of seeking mental health.

As they cut the ribbon, they reopened for business, offering counseling not only for addiction but for many ordinary problems.

“Like anxiety, PTSD, just needing to sort out things with a professional who can tell you what avenue to take or where to go to get better,” said Carla McBee, Wetzel-Tyler Medical Examiner and Wetzel County commissioner.

“We’re a considerably smaller community,” said Sharon Campbell, executive director of the Wetzel Tyler Chamber of Commerce. “It’s extraordinary to have that kind of support. Mental health issues, drug addiction issues, it’s plaguing everyone. We’re not exceptional that way.”

They were at the former location for 30 years.

Now they are across the street in a building they own rather than rent.

It offers more space, including a small building behind the main one.

“So we’ll be able to meet not just one client but maybe families in that space so we’re excited about that,” said E.J. Schodzinski, Crittenton Services marketing manager.

Their new facility, which was once a family home, offers help for many different kinds of people.

“We are so diverse, and that’s one thing I love about us that’s different from your normal behavioral health,” said Kari Blizzard, director of Wellspring Family Services. “We don’t just do substance abuse. We don’t just do children with behavioral disorders. We actually see children as young as four, and all the way up to any age. We do senior citizens.”

At their open house, they emphasized that mental health is just as important as physical health.

“And I hope that this gets rid of the stigma that if you go for mental health, that you’re a crazy or there’s something wrong with you, because that’s just not so,” said McBee. “We need to be bold. We need to be brave.  We need to be consistent in telling people it’s OK to take care of your mental health.”

Wellspring is part of Crittenton Services.

For more information, log on to their website,