90s sitcom “Home Improvement” star Zachary Ty Bryan pled guilty on Wednesday to felony assault in the fourth degree constituting domestic violence.

The Lane County chief deputy district attorney, Chris Parose, confirmed to Fox News that as part of a plea deal that dismissed the second count of assault in the fourth degree, Bryan will only have to serve seven days in jail instead of 19-20 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Parose told Fox that the seven days of jail comes with credit for time served, which may have been reached.

According to Fox, Bryan was arrested in July after authorities were called regarding a physical altercation between Bryan and an unnamed woman, where he was charged with two counts of assault in the fourth degree.

Fox says that representatives for Bryan did not respond to a request for comment.

Bryan now faces 36 months of supervised probation, which is the standard domestic violence condition, including no contact with the victim, treatment for drugs and alcohol, as well as abstaining from alcohol and drugs.

Parosa told Fox that if Bryan fails the conditions of probation, he will be brought back to court to face 19-20 months in prison.

According to Fox, Bryan was previously arrested and entered a guilty plea in 2020 from an altercation where he allegedly tried to strangle his girlfriend, Johnnie Faye Cartwright, at their apartment.

It is reported that the charges were “menacing, constituting domestic violence and assault in the fourth degree, and constituting violence.

Fox says that he downplayed the domestic violence charges, saying the incident had been blown out of proportion. He told Hollywood Reporter that the two did not get very physical but did scream loudly at each other, and everyone in the townhouse could hear. He stated that he could have fought the charges but didn’t want the stress, so he pleaded guilty and got two misdemeanors.

According to the 2020 police report obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan claimed Cartwright attacked him and attempted to set him up and ruin his career.