Blue and yellow cupcakes and Abraham Lincoln can only mean one thing. 

Today we celebrate the Mountain State’s 159th birthday right at its place of birth at Independence Hall in Wheeling, and this party was not one to miss. 

Everything was included from the cake, music, refreshments, and even a photo opportunity with President Lincoln himself. 

Independence Hall opened its doors especially today to celebrate the formation of the state we call home, and site manager Debbie Jones emphasizes the importance of this celebration for the people of West Virginia. 

“It means a lot to the whole state, but it should mean more to the people of Wheeling. You know, you’ve got right here in your own backyard – this is where West Virginia was born. If it wasn’t for the men upstairs in that courtroom for the First and Second Wheeling Conventions, there would be no West Virginia.” 

Debbie Jones – Independence Hall Site Manager

Not many people can say they’ve been to a 159th birthday party before, but an important friend wanted to spread a message to the state of West Virginia.

“Welcome to the United States. Thank you for fighting for us, and separating from Virginia, which was a slave state and now you’re coming into the Union as a provisional free state.” 

John King – Abraham Lincoln Re-enactor