SILSBEE, Texas — In what can only be described as stranger than fiction, a Texas woman is recovering from a gruesome attack that is almost unbelievable.

CBSNews recently broke the story of Peggy Jones, of Silsbee, Texas, who both a snake and a hawk attacked at the same time.

Jones tells CBS that the incident happened on July 25 as she was minding her business, mowing her lawn, as usual. She said that out of nowhere, a snake fell on her arm out of the sky. She assumes a hawk had been carrying it since she was not under a tree then.

To confirm her suspicions, the hawk swooped in next.

Peggy Jones’ lawn

Jones said she tried to fling the snake off her arm, but it wrapped itself around it, biting her face. She said she tried and tried to fling him off, but he held on like his life depended on it.

CBS reports that Jones was in the back of her property while her husband was working in the front. Jones says she tried to yell for help and then started screaming for Jesus to save her.

Jones tells CBS that when the snake finally released from her arm, she ran to her husband, hysterically crying and covered in blood.

The hawk could not immediately get the snake unwrapped from Jones’ arm, swooping down four times, wings flapping, blood flying from the brawl.

Jones tells CBS that when he snake finally released from her arm she ran to her husband, hysterically crying and covered in blood.

Her forearm had been ripped open by the hawk’s talons.

Upon arriving at Altus Hospital, doctors discovered puncture wounds, cuts, abrasions, scratches, and severe bruising, and her glasses were dented from the snake striking them.

Jones tells CBS that she was given antibiotics and monitored overnight since it was unknown if the snake that bit her was poisonous.

It’s been two weeks since the attack, and Jones tells CBS she is not healing as quickly as hoped. She says she gets very little sleep and wakes up panicked.

She says that she has seen a hawk hunt a snake like that in the wild before, but it wasn’t something she thought she had to worry about; now she says it’s something she will always keep in her mind.