OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)- The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston has unveiled a new third-party abuse reporting system. There is a national system to report sexual abuse and interference on a case but what we are talking about today is a second way people can report abuse, now on a local level adapted to West Virginia by the Diocese here.

Abuse can range from sexual to financial malfeasance, harassment, any form of abuse from the clergy, lay or religious employee. It is completely confidential and totally anonymous. A case number is assigned and that’s how a person is referred to, no names. Once a complaint is made, a thorough investigation will be conducted by a qualified lay employee.

Bishop Brennan told 7News “I think we’re in a different age where people want to know what’s really going on, the Lord Jesus said something about things that are whispered in darkness will be proclaimed in light I think we have to bring things up into the light if it’s bad name it and do something about it if it’s good we should praise it and encourage it so it’s really for that purpose.”

EthicsPoint is the name of the reporting system and you can report abuse online at the Diocese’s website under the Accountability tab or you may call one of the Bishop’s designees. The national website reportbishopabuse.org is also another option. The Bishop really stresses that if you see something, say something. He says any Catholic or non-Catholic can prevent so much harm by stepping up.

To Report Via Telephone: (844) 723-8381

Bishop’s Designees’ Line: 1-888-434-6237