WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Although getting sick or hurt is never planned, most people need medical care at some point in their lives.

Health insurance covers these unexpected costs and the enrollment in ACA Marketplace Plans for 2023 began on November 1st, 2023, and will run through January 15th of 2024.

The ACA Navigators and health care advocates kicked off their Open Enrollment in the ACA Marketplace with ways West Virginians can enroll, and the importance and impact of health insurance.

Program director for the West Virginia Navigator program Jeremy Smith says that a major change they have seen in 2023 is the amount of people who have lost their Medicaid coverage after the pandemic.

”This is somewhere where you can go to shop for health insurance plans for you and your family. And the majority of people that get marketplace health insurance can qualify for a monthly subsidy that helps you pay for the plan that you’ve picked out. So, this is a great option for folks that are uninsured, don’t have health coverage, and don’t have an offer of health coverage from a job.”

Jeremy Smith – Program Director, West Virginia Navigator Program

There are still over 100,000 people in West Virginia that do not have health insurance and the majority of people that get marketplace plans can find a plan starting at less than $10 a month. 

You can find more information at healthcare.gov.