After leaving the sideline with no shirt or pads during the New York Jets game, getting an Uber to the airport mid-game, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown released a rap song ‘Pit Not the Palace.’

Lyrics to the 1:54 song have already been transcribed by and can be found below:

Man, I’ve been sittin’ back waiting for the moment
Man, to see you run down the field again, brother
I told you from day one, this was gon’ be a tough move
You made it
You’ve came through the fire
Be ready to see the light
[?] wait for you to be back

I’m from the pit not the palace, I’m kinda stylish
Lifestyle lavish
Jump in the coupe with no mileage
Run it, style it
I’m from the pit not the palace
I gotta run it, style it (Ah)
Hit on the gas, make it growl it (Ah)
Jump in the coupe with no mileage

Came from the struggle
I had to hustle
Gеt out the muzzle, this is no tussle
I don’t gotta touch you
I gеt the B, I make it bubble
This is tough
Fresh out the pavement
They bring the pain, I bring the payment
Throw in the hey, this in [?]
I told you from day one, this was gon’ be a tough move

Brown was spotted on the sideline during the Jets game getting into an argument with teammates and then stripped off his pads, took his jersey off, threw it into the stands, and walked shirtless off the field during the game’s third quarter.

According to an NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Brown was asked to go into the game by head coach Bruce Arians but Brown refused because apparently, Brown said he was too injured to go into the game. Arians then told Brown to leave the sidelines and cut Brown from the team.

Per ESPN, while leaving the stadium AB asked state troopers for a ride to the airport but was told “no,” and did not ride back on the plane with the team.

Brown was picked up from MetLife and was in the city with NYC driver Danny Chalet.

Earlier in the season, Brown and safety Mike Edwards were each suspended three games for misrepresenting their vaccination status under the NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 Protocol. Brown also has a history of personal conduct issues and bizarre behavior.