WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Are you worried about misgendering people? Apple has come up with an option that could help avoid uncertainty when addressing others.

With its latest full releases of iOS17 and iPadOS17 on Sept. 18., Apple has added a pronoun option to its Contacts feature.

The pronouns option was requested by some Apple users, and adding pronouns to email signatures and social media profiles such as LinkedIn has become commonplace with the rise of transgenderism.

Users can update their own Contact card pronouns or those pronoun preferences of other people.

Apple adds a privacy disclaimer to the Contacts page, ensuring users that pronoun preferences are not shared with Apple or third-party developers.

“Pronouns are only used on your devices by supported Apple apps. They are not shared with Apple or third-party developers.”

Apple iOS17 pronouns privacy disclaimer

Apple has multiple languages for entering pronouns and offers examples on being grammatically correct when using pronouns.

Apple iOS17 offers many other new features including improved accessibility features for disabled people and using on-device machine learning to recognize individual cats and dogs in the People album, just like users can now do with family members and friends.