(WTAJ) — People are finding out that some major brands of pickles, like Claussen and Vlasic, don’t use the word “pickle” anywhere on the label, leaving some to wonder if pickles are even real.

A recent TikTok video that’s going viral, with nearly 900K views, by Jesse Banwell (@jessebanwell), points out that Claussen doesn’t have the word “pickle” anywhere on the label before claiming that Mt. Olive pickles don’t either.

In fact, a quick stroll down the condiment aisle at your local grocery store can prove this, as seen in the pictures below when we checked out numerous brands..

Many people were quick to comment on the viral video, asking if this was a Mandela effect, saying they know the word was there before. Others are already questioning everything they thought they knew. Some took the opportunity for a few great puns, calling this “a really big dill.”

Comments lit up the video with disbelief and shock. Though a few people used a little bit of logic to come up with an answer — saying “pickle” is the process, not the food.

What is a pickle?!

The word “pickle” has an unknown origin but has been traced back to Dutch and German words such as “pekel.”

The pickle that we know and love is actually a pickled cucumber. In North America, the definition is “a small cucumber preserved in vinegar, brine, or a similar solution,” according to dictionary.com.

However, a second definition for pickle from dictionary.com shows “fruit or vegetables preserved in vinegar or brine,” such as relish, sauerkraut, and even jalapenos.

While you can find a few examples in the grocery store with “pickle” being used, it’s very limited. For the most part, the label will tell you what the form is: spears, chips, wholes, etc… and if they’re dill, bread and butter, or another flavor.

According to Vlasic and Claussen, they don’t use the word “pickle” on the label so they have more room to highlight the form and flavor.

“When pickle lovers see the clear Vlasic jar, they know they’re getting a great-tasting pickle every time. Because of the wide variety of our pickle forms, we use the limited label space to clearly communicate the form and flavor inside each jar. That way consumers can easily find their favorite Vlasic. But no matter the style, it’s definitely a pickle!”

Carolyn Goldberger, Vlasic brand manager

“At Claussen, we’re known for our signature refrigerated pickles that pack a superior cold crunch. While we meet all regulations required of pickles, we prefer to showcase our varying styles and varieties on-pack, such as fan-favorite dill spears and bread & butter slices.”

Kraft Heinz spokesperson

So, we have to ask:

Are pickles fake? You be the judge.