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Area lawmakers react to State of the Union address


FILE- In this Jan. 30, 2018, file photo President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington. The State of the Union address puts the president, his Cabinet, members of Congress, military leaders, top diplomats and Supreme Court justices all in the same […]

After President Trump’s State of the Union address, lawmakers who represent both Ohio and West Virginia in Washington D.C. released statements in response. 

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) focused on the President’s remarks about the economy. 

“President Trump talked a lot about how well the economy is doing. But I don’t measure the economy by the stock market. I measure it by people’s paychecks, the cost of healthcare, housing and education. And the reality is that for far too many people in this country, hard work isn’t paying off like it should. President Trump doesn’t understand that, and he’s used the White House to enrich people like himself.

“Hard work should pay off for everyone, no matter who you are or what kind of work you do.  We should be working together to raise wages and benefits, give people more power in their workplaces, fix our broken tax system and address the high cost of housing, healthcare and education.

U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia) said President Trump highlighted some of her priorities, like rebuilding infrastructure. 

“In his remarks tonight, the president once again laid out a clear vision for our nation’s future while also reflecting on all that we’ve accomplished in the past year. Thanks to tax reform and other pro-growth policies, our economy is booming, wages are on the rise, and Americans across the country are finding jobs again. I stand ready to work with the president and my colleagues in Congress to continue the momentum we’ve created these past two years and continue delivering solutions that will lead to an even more prosperous nation.

“I was also encouraged to hear the president lay out other important national priorities like border security. As chair of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee and one of a handful of senators entrusted with reaching a funding compromise, I’ve been focused on producing an agreement that will keep the government open, provide for our Homeland Security needs, stop the flow of illegal drugs, and secure our borders.

“Another of my top priorities the president highlighted is rebuilding American infrastructure. Putting together a package that will strengthen the country’s transportation and infrastructure systems will play an important role in improving our communities and driving economic growth. I’m excited to be a leader in that effort as chair of the EPW Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee.

“These and many of the other issues the president covered in tonight’s address are important national priorities that can help continue to move our country forward. It’s critical that we come together—Republicans and Democrats—to find common ground and to deliver solutions that address the country’s challenges, create new opportunities for families and individuals, and build a brighter future for West Virginians and for all Americans.”

Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) released the following statement: 

Tonight, the American people heard the accomplishments of the last two years straight from the source – not through the filter of the national mainstream media. And, President Trump has an excellent case to make – the state of our union is indeed strong.

I was particularly eager to hear the President once again restate his commitment to securing America’s borders. He made it clear he will do what it takes to get it done – and it must be done. Finally, we have a President who made this commitment – and he plans to keep it.

I was also heartened to hear the President speak so strongly in support of the pro-life cause. We’ve heard some abhorrent and disgusting comments lately from elected officials across the country, advocating for abortion right up to the moment a child is born. I wholeheartedly support Congress taking up, and passing, legislation banning late-term abortion of children who can feel pain.

Our economy is booming, red tape regulations are being rolled backed, the Department of Veterans Affairs is being reformed, and we’re finally unleashing America’s great energy potential. While great things are happening, we can still do more for those we are privileged to represent – specifically, we must address our aging infrastructure, including rural broadband.

I look forward to continuing my work with the President and his team, and anyone else from either party, who is willing to advance solutions that move the ball forward. That’s what we were elected to do – no matter which person or party happens to be in charge at a certain moment.  I agree with the President:  we should chose greatness over gridlock; and, we should govern not as two parties, but as one people.

Congresswoman Carol Miller (R-West Virginia) applauded the President’s commitment to borders and infrastructure. 

“I am so inspired by the vision President Trump has laid out for our country. Over the past two years, the President has strengthened our economy, revitalized our job market, and ended the War on Coal. The plan he laid out tonight will continue to move us forward and lead us down the path of prosperity.”

“I strongly support the President’s commitment to investing and innovating in our country’s infrastructure and I look forward to working to rebuild roads, railways, highways, and bridges in West Virginia and our entire nation. I also commend President Trump’s steadfast resolution to end the intensifying humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border. Our country cannot handle the result of unchecked illegal immigration – terrorism, human trafficking, and drug smuggling are devastating our country. We need to fix the broken immigration system once and for all.”

“It is so important that we stay focused and deliver the results our country deserves,” said Miller. “Now is the time to put politics aside, end the division, and work together on bi-partisan issues that will unlock a brighter future for our country. The plan President Trump presented will improve the lives of every single American, and I challenge my Democrat colleagues to end this period of resistance and obstruction and come to the table to start solving the problems of our nation. Together, we can choose greatness for America.”

Stay with 7News as we will bring you more reaction from the Ohio Valley’s lawmakers in Washington to President Trumps’s State of the Union address. 

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