WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – For veterans in West Virginia who are far away from a VA office, there’s a new service that can help. 

The Huntington Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office and the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance just opened a new Virtual Access Site in Wheeling. 

Veterans can go to the site and they’ll be given a space with internet access to virtually meet with the Regional Office to take care of their needs. 

We can offer a better access to veterans, their family members, their survivors, beneficiaries throughout the state to make it convenient for them to get in touch with the VA and ask their questions and file claims as they need to.

Linda Parker, Director, Huntington Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office

Officials with the VA said they know Huntington is a long way for many veterans in the state to travel, so they want to be as accessible as possible. 

We want to make ourselves as accessible to veterans and family members throughout the state as we possibly can. We are expecting to have a huge increase in the number of claims filed because of the PACT Act, so for all of those who are not yet taking advantage of VA services we want to be here for them. For those who currently have claims we want to be available in the event that they have questions. 

Linda Parker, Director, Huntington Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office

Parker said she knows that veterans in the Northern Panhandle sometimes get access to the VA through Pittsburgh. She explained that site is not available virtually. Veterans would have to physically go to the Pittsburgh office.

The new Virtual Access Site in Wheeling is at 1082 East Bethlehem Boulevard, which is inside the WVDVA Wheeling Benefits Office. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:30. 

Veterans don’t have to have an appointment, but they can make one by calling 304-399-9205. 

WVDVA benefits offices are also located in Charleston, Logan and Lewisburg with more offices expected to open by the end of this year.