BARNESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – Authorities are waiting for autopsy results, in what is suspected to be a hit-and-run case in Barnesville.

At 11:15 Saturday night, a man was discovered lying in a downtown parking lot near the Starfire Station.

Officials say the 67-year-old Barnesville man was seriously injured, and barely responsive. He was taken to Barnesville Hospital, were he died a short time later.

The Barnesville Police Department was notified of a man who was essentially semi-conscious and they responded ultimately to find an individual that looks like he suffered some type of an injury. We do believe that he may have come in contact with another vehicle. Again we are awaiting certain results from the test and the investigation that is ongoing.

Kevin Flanagan, Belmont County Assistant Prosecutor

Authorities don’t know how long the man had been lying there before he was discovered, or whether alcohol was involved.

They said did respond to his name, but gave only limited answers, and never said what happened or who was involved.

The autopsy was performed on Sunday.

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