Barnesville High School’s football team is the first in the Ohio Valley to use “smart helmets”

New state of the art IT technology tests the impact of any hits that players take to the head.

Football players tend to want to stay in the game..regardless.

These helmets will not let them gloss over an impact to the head.

Kids will not try to hide if they feel like they’re injured or maybe not say anything so they can keep playing. With these chips in these helmets, it allows Coach llen and maybe myself to monitor them daily, or weekly, and if there’s a red flag, we can look further into it.

Ryan Rosnick- Barnesville Athletic Director

Every kid’s got a programmed helmet, what number they are, so it might say number five took a hit, we’d have it and be able to check him out and see if eveyrthing’s okay.

Blake Allen – Barnesville Head Football Coach Coach

And the player’s say they like them better already.

They a whole lor more comfortable, more padding I think, and you feel a lot of air flow going through em too

Alex Meade- Barnesville Senior

Especially on the jaw and on the front of the forhead. It’s uh, last year with the olf hemlets, you got a lot of headaches the first few weeks.

Trey Warner- Barnesville Senior

They won’t diagnose a concussion.

But they will give important data to the coach.

I’ll tell where they’re taking the hits, front, side or back. So if for example a kid is taking a lot to the front, we can tell him okay, you’re dropping your head and that’s a big no-no in football, that’s a big risk

Blake Allen – Barnesville Head Football Coach Coach

The school system bought 45 of the smart helmets…for the whole team.

The overall price tag was only a thousand dollars higher than regular helmets would have been.

And already–even with just practices and scrimmages…they seem to be worth the price.

And that could just be a coincidence but at this time last year, we had few players with a few head issues, a few concussions.
We haven’t had any issues at all this year

Blake Allen – Barnesville Head Football Coach Coach

You might think that with this equipment, it would be heavier.

But it’s just a tiny chip, and they say the overall helmet is lighter, with more comfort.