BELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF)–A new business has opened at the Ohio Valley Mall.

It’s called Vibe Selfie Museum.  

Now it’s not your traditional museum, it has 18 different themed backgrounds where you can take pictures and videos for social media.  

Want to be the next big influencer? 

This spot could help you out. 

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Melissa Lemity is the owner, and she says she wanted to use her love for photography but with a modern twist.  

I was passionate about bringing something fun and unique to Ohio Valley. Something for kids and teenagers and families. The museum is different photography setups.

They’re interactive. We have fake money that you can play with. We have a private jet that you can pretend that you’re sitting on.

You pay admission and you come and take your own pictures and its unlimited access. There’s no limit to how many pictures you can take or how much time you can be here

Melissa Lemity, Owner 

She says you can always come back for more. The set will change seasonally, and holiday backgrounds will be added as well.  

Take pictures for Instagram or make Tik Toks.  

Vibe Selfie Museum has ring lights at every station and even have dressing rooms so you can change your look.