BELLAIRE, OHIO (WTRF)– Bellaire community members are working hard to clean up the city. 

A handful of residents noticed the area was littered with trash and decided to team up and make a difference.  

The Bellaire Citizens Action Group has been around for years, but the members say they need more help to really make an impact. 

It’s been very scarce, so we had about five or six that come the most of our meetings. Every once in a while, we get some help from some extra volunteers which we really do appreciate we would like to build the membership up of course.

Jim Williams, President, Bellaire Citizens Action Group  

Member Andrea Nutter says doing these things cost money. She says they have a fundraiser coming up at Union Park.

We’re in the process right now of replanting flowers and some of the members have been setting mulch around some of the monuments and stuff here in the park. We’re hard at work, even though the majority of our people are elderly.

Andrea Nutter, member, Bellaire Citizens Action Group

The fundraiser takes place on May 21 in the park. There will be vendors, music, and much more. The money raised will go towards future projects.  

They meet the second Tuesday of every month. You can call (740) 827-6592 if you are interested in getting involved.