BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — When you bite into a vegetable, have you ever thought about the journey it takes to make it to your plate?  

Ohio farmers say they are working with the weather during this season to ensure the market shelves are overflowing with produce.

Ebbert Farm has been providing the Ohio Valley with delicious fresh vegetables for decades. 

The owners of Ebbert Farm Market, Jerry and Lova Ebbert have the perfect ingredients to create good produce.  

Jerry and Lova Ebbert, Belmont County

It takes good weather, hard work, and a little love.  

Lova says they pick their produce by hand and that same day it is stocked at their market for all of you to enjoy.  

The last couple of weeks have been a little challenging. We are thankful for the rain but on the other hand, when you are planting things in the ground, you have to get them in the ground before the rain comes.

So, Jerry and I were in the fields at 5:30 one morning and we were planting pumpkins and things and we went clear until 9:30 that night, but at the end of the day you’re so thankful.

Lova Ebbert, Owner, Ebbert Farm Market

She says this time of the year is busy.  

They are planting rows of veggies one after another.  

As soon as one pops out of the ground, they get to work planting another garden full.  

This ensures they have a fresh variety for months to harvest from.  

Lova says those early mornings and late nights are always worth it.