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The trial of a Benwood firefighter ended this week with acquittals on some charges and convictions on others.

West Virginia firefighter found guilty on multiple charges; not guilty of battery, strangulation

The jury found Garson Taylor not guilty on counts of wanton endangerment with a firearm, strangulation, and battery.

A verdict of guilty was returned on charges of brandishing a firearm, fleeing from police, and obstructing an officer.

The decision followed three days of testimony from several officers who responded to the scene, a forensic nurse consultant, and Taylor’s ex-wife.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would still do it because I truly believe that at least Captain Handzus’s life was in substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury and any time one of my officers are put in that situation, I’m always going to try to do my best to protect them.”


“Without a doubt, we had an excellent jury. We had an excellent judge. We had a very reasonable prosecutor, and the system worked exactly the way it’s supposed to, you know. I mean, the jury worked hard. They paid attention all throughout the trial. They were all in their seats. They all listened to all the evidence. They considered all the evidence, and they reached the right verdict. We couldn’t be happier.”


Sentencing for Taylor is scheduled for November 7th.

Assault charges are pending for a Toronto man after allegedly

Local Ohio man allegedly assaults 8th-grade football player after game in front of the team, coaches

The reported victim says that Chad Marcino picked up a helmet, entered the junior high locker room, and asked whose it was.

After the 8th grader said it was his, officials say Marcino threw the helmet and hit him in the chest.

Marcino also allegedly slammed the player into the locker before three coaches pulled him off.

Edison Superintendent Bill Beattie tells officers that Marcino is not allowed on any school property for a minimum of a year.

A court has ruled that the deer hunt scheduled for next month is allowed to go forward.

Court rules deer hunt at Oglebay can happen

That was after a group of Wheeling residents filed a lawsuit to stop the Limited Purpose Bow Hunt earlier this month, arguing that the park’s perception of an overpopulation of deer was mistaken.

Oglebay responded that the hunt is to promote a greater ecosystem within their land.

The decision to proceed with the hunt could face an appeal.

You may have to find somewhere else to watch the Main Street Bank Fantasy in Lights Parade this year.

New information on traffic route for Wheeling Main Street Bank Fantasy In Lights Parade released

The route will change for 2023 to accommodate the downtown Streetscape construction.

The floats will line up in Center Wheeling as usual but then head south rather than north.

Police ask that you find your spot on Main Street between 24th and 20th Streets.

“The best advice would be to get to your destination early. Make sure you’re set up in time to avoid any vehicular traffic. With Seinfeld being on the same day at 7 p.m., a lot of spectators coming to that, all the more reason to have it in the Center Wheeling area to avoid all that traffic.”


WTRF will have live coverage for the entire parade on November 17, starting at 6:30.

And finally, shelter from the harshest winter weather is almost here in Wheeling—thanks to the Life Hub.

The Life Hub announces plans for Wheeling’s Winter Freeze Shelter

The Winter Freeze Shelter will be at 35 16th Street this year, which is the former site of the First English Lutheran Church.

In the meantime, the East Wheeling homeless camp will remain open until the shelter is available on December 15th.

The Life Hub is supported completely by grant funding, which can be mailed to P.O. Box 2089 in Wheeling.

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