BETHANY, W.Va. (WTRF) –Bethany College has some thrilling news for two opportunities for area families.

Bethany has been awarded the West Virginia Department of Education and Try This West Virginia grants totaling $12,000.

The funds from both grants will be used to aid campus educational programs, benefiting not only the college and its members but also the public as well.

Bethany is talking about: The Bethany Education Afterschool Wellness Program plus an all-new Bethany College Autism Perspective Series.

7News spoke to Education Department Chair Doctor Charline Barnes Rowland about the opportunities these two grants will bring to Brooke County and here’s what she had to say about the exciting news.

Both of these grants do a couple of things. One thing is that it gets our departments out in the community and that’s what Bethany has always been a place where you can reach out to the community and to ensure that we are servicing the needs of the county or the school districts. One of the things that we have found out that a lot of times we focus on preparing our teachers to to teach a specific subject matter, but we need to prepare them also how to interact with family and with community members who are supporting our kids as well as our teachers.

Dr. Charline Barnes Rowland, Bethany College Education Dept. Chair.

Doctor Barnes Rowland says the funding will also cover the cost for one year to bring Brooke County students, one day a week, to Bethany where those students will, not only, be tutored in academics, but will also be able to participate in a variety of wellness programs.