(WTRF) – It’s been a thrilling few days of upsets, bracket busters, and of course betting on March Madness.

As you continue to place those bets on games the next few weeks, the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio wants you to do it safely. 

They say know the warning signs. 

If you’re no longer having fun, stressed or anxious about your bets, feeling like you need to hide how much you’re gambling, borrowing money to bet or exaggerating your wins and losses you may need some help with a gambling addiction. 

Ohio sports betting means increased calls to gambling helpline

The Problem Gambling Network of Ohio said they’re not telling people not to gamble, just do so responsibly. 

We work really closely with sport betting operators, the casinos in this state to make sure that their staff is trained on what are the risks, what are the warning signs, how do they have a conversation with a patron who may be displaying some of those warning signs.

Michael Buzzelli, Associate Director, Problem Gambling Network of Ohio

If you or someone you love is struggling with problem gambling, especially now that sports betting is legal in Ohio, there’s a place to go for help. 

Call 1-800-589-9966 or visit beforeyoubet.org.

There’s also a quiz there that you can take if you’re unsure if your gambling has become problematic. 

Those resources are also opened to people with a loved one who gambles that they are worried about.