Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – When most of us reach the college crossroads, we look outward.

We often think of ways that we can travel far from home and bring our talents out in the open for the world to see.

But it’s a special few young adults who look inward—-deciding to selflessly invest their potential not in money or notoriety, but in pushing others to find their potential.

They become teachers—and Wheeling Park is making sure they find and cultivate budding educators where they see them.

We wanted to make a concerted effort to grab kids that have innate leadership skills, and really expose them to this amazing profession, with the hopes that in four or five years, they could be coming back to us as teachers.

Meredith Dailer, Principal, Wheeling Park High School

That effort has resulted in the Beyond Education program, where teachers and coaches pick out teens with leadership abilities.

They then take them on trips to both universities and primary schools, giving them some pre-college chances to educate kids.

Senior Jailah Walker says her career goals would most likely have been outside the classroom if it weren’t for Beyond Ed.

I don’t think so, actually, because I wasn’t sure of all the opportunities teaching gave, and they have for other students.

Jailah Walker, Senior, WPHS

She’s become one of its success stories, planning to take her talents to West Liberty to teach high school math.

The honor student says her love of learning has led her to pay the instruction she’s been given forward to others.

I want to be able to teach them something new and be able to help them figure stuff out when they have trouble.

Jailah Walker, Senior, WPHS

The last two years have not been easy on schools, with teachers and even substitutes stepping away from the whiteboard for good.

But Principal Dailer says the job security, the benefits and the satisfaction of a life of service can’t be beat.

We’re all in this because we love what we do. And sharing that with kids, it’s important.

Meredith Dailer, Principal, Wheeling Park High School

Showing that while the work of teaching may be hidden behind the classroom walls, it leads to a life well lived—And a legacy that will outlast these turbulent times.