Items found on local woman's body cavity scan

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) - A woman apparently trying to smuggle drugs into the Belmont County jail nearly died because of it.

Sheriff Dave Lucas said 34-year-old Goldie Henderson of Bridgeport was brought in by Bridgeport Police.

While being booked in, the body scanner showed Henderson had items concealed in a body cavity.

The sheriff said there was a package containing white powder and a vial containing an unknown substance.

She refused to undergo a body cavity search.

And it appeared there was no longer a cap on the vial.

Belmont County Sheriff, Dave Lucas said, "The prosecuting office was contacted, was working on a search warrant.  But her health deteriorated, to which she was transported to a hospital by emergency squad. You know hopefully our lab will be able to determine maybe what was in the vial. But the cap was off when the doctor removed it from the cavity."

This happened on Saturday.

She was hospitalized, and was just released back to jail Monday afternoon.

The original charges that brought her to jail possession of heroin, possession of schedule one and two drugs, and possession of drug abuse instruments.

She may now also face charges of conveyance of drugs into a jail.

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